Fun Lunch FAQ

What is the website to order Fun Lunch?

What is the school code for making an account?

How do I know my child’s lunch room?

  • Your child’s lunch room for each quarter appears on their schedule, which is available on Powerschool.

How can I tell if I ordered Fun Lunch on a particular date?

  • There are 2 ways to check:
    • On the main Marla’s lunch page in the upper left corner of the ‘Welcome’ box is an option to ‘view/print orders.  This will display a calendar view of what’s been ordered and can be printed if needed.
    • Also in ‘Welcome’ box there is the order area (Roosevelt 5 & 7, Roosevelt 6 & 8).  Click on the ‘box’ for your child and a calendar will appear showing small numbers on the days an order has been placed.
      • Orange number – number of orders than have been placed
      • Light blue number – order has been placed in cart, but not completed
      • Red ! – no Fun Lunch that day

Can I order multiple lunches at a time?

  • YES!  Consider ordering for more than 1 week at a time if you do not feel like checking each week what’s for lunch.  Orders can be done by the week, several weeks, month, several months, or all the way until holiday break.  And they can be edited until the Wednesday before each week begins.  There is a $1 fee for orders under $15 

What if my child is absent from school on a day Fun Lunch was ordered?  

  • Two options:
    • Call the school office by 12:30 to make pick it up arrangements
    • Do nothing and it will be given to the staff @ Roosevelt

How can I change and order (or cancel)?

  • In the calendar view discussed above, click on the order and there is an option to edit or cancel.  Keep in mind it must be before the lockout date (Wednesday week before).  Once the colored circles for orders become ‘gray’ they can no longer be changed (past lockout)

If I cancel an order will I get a refund?

  • Refunds are only given when a student leaves the school.  
  • A credit will be in the account for the next order and automatically applied.

How can I sign up to volunteer for fun lunch?